To get the finest resolution images for the printing of the book, I asked longtime printmaker and friend, Gary Kerr, because he is an expert in digital art capture and Fine Art printing.  I knew that Gary would strategically light the collages from side angles so the edges of each paper in the collage are clear to the young reader.  I always trust Gary with my work—whether it is tiny, perishable paper collage or large 30x40 oils on linen—for reproduction, as he is a master at proofing for color accuracy, also.



Fine Art Impressions is a leading art imaging studio featuring a cutting edge production facility in Davidson, North Carolina, north of Charlotte in the Lake Norman area. The founder, Gary Kerr, started publishing his father James L. Kerr, a respected artist and instructor who has enjoyed a significant following as a watercolorist.

Kerr, a technical wizard in the imaging business and life–long photographer, has been a Photoshop user since 1990 and offers a vast knowledge of digital workflow and color management advice to his clients. Before starting Fine Art Impressions, he worked as a strategic technology consultant for large corporate clients such as Standard & Poors, McGraw–Hill, American Express, and Merrill Lynch where he was known for his hyper–expertise.

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